Now, we can reveal the first official pictures. And, as you can see, it draws on the Mazda Kabura concept, which debuted at the Detroit expo in January this year, with a slippery new aerodynamic shape that incorporates a host of neat details. At the front, the grille features sweeping vanes, while the vast wheelarches sit proud of the body and are filled by enormous, dramatic alloys. Instead of a conventional glass windscreen, there is a jet fighter-style canopy, too.

It’s at the rear that the Taiki gets really wild, however, as the body tap­ers in to make a catamaran-style hull. Sweeping panels cover the wheels, and with aerodynamic tunnels helping to channel airflow to the tail, drag is kept to a minimum.


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Tokyo Preview: Mazda Taiki concept

Latest Mazda concept is set to steal the show in Tokyo, looking more like a plane than a car!

Here’s proof that Mazda is looking to outer space for its next sports car. This amazing machine is called the Taiki – and it takes its name from the Japanese word for ‘atmosphere’.

Making its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month, the newcomer points to the look of a future replacement for the RX-8. And it follows on from the first glimpse Auto Express gave you of the stunning coupé last week.

As well as previewing the RX-8, the Taiki showcases the company’s eco credentials. The rear tyres are ultra-narrow – reducing rolling resistance – and are driven by a revised edition of Mazda’s Renesis rotary engine, which is most likely to be powered by hydro­gen. Further details will be revealed prior to the global launch in Tokyo, where Mazda is also likely to unveil an updated version of its hydrogen-powered Premacy MPV. This technology is expected to debut on the firm’s 5 compact people carrier in Europe some time in the next few years.

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