Free Nokia N97

New HP laptop

+ Mobile Broadband Extra

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Nokia 5800

¨ FREE speaker

¨ Touchscreen


¨ Super-fast internet

Free Nokia 5800

Nokia E63 Black

Total Monthly Cost

£ 15

 a month

Free Laptop

· Great looking laptop with 15.4" LCD screen

· Built-in WiFi and DVD-RW

· Windows Vista Basic

· 160GB hard drive and 1GB memory

· Use internet calling services like Skype

· 5GB fair use amount

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Unbelievable Phone


New Apple’s Tablet

Launching Sep 2009

Unbelievable Phone

Nokia Aeon

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Nokia E97 -  Concept Phone


Here’s a slick bit of design for a multi-part Nokia E97 device, dubbed the Envelop for its ability to remove the screen from the main body. To what end? Well, one part of the image shows someone passing off the screen to someone else to transfer 4/8 GB of files through a small contact at the bottom-right.














When plugged into a stand, the screen could also act as a photo album, or hey, maybe even a video viewer. The holster even has a spot for a second screen! The keys reconfigure based on orientation, which is something we’re already starting to see in the real world. Removable parts aren’t that foreign of an idea either. Neat idea overall, but the big question is: how long before we start seeing phones like this? A year? Three? Five?




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