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Apple Tablet will Launch in March 2010

Apple Tablet will be Big Hit, Analyst Says - This is what we have been hearing from 1 year now. But the real question is -  When is it launching?


Rumors of an Apple tablet – essentially a large iPhone or iPod touch – have been swirling for over one and half year now. Few months back the Financial Times added credibility to the rumors, reporting that Apple is rushing to debut the device in time for the Christmas shopping season. Well we are at the brink of Christmas and now another rumor is that it will be out in March 2010.


The article swings back and forth between the new device and a series of record label deals Apple could launch simultaneously, but here are the points specifically related to the tablet:


    Screen size: “may be up to 10 inches diagonally”, touch sensitive (of course)


    Phone capability? Unlikely – it’s more like a large iPod Touch than an iPhone.


    Wireless connectivity: Same as the iPod Touch, with the ability to download media through iTunes.


    Kindle Rival? May provide the ability to read books, creating a rival to Amazon’s Kindle.


    Launch date: New rumor that it will be launched in March 2010.


While only Apple insiders know for certain what the device looks like, that hasn’t stopped artists from creating their own mockups for an Apple tablet. From the “Macbook Touch” to the “iPhone Pro”, here are some the best creations:

December 6, 2009 | by Barry Middleton

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