Nokia 888 Concept Phone


Nokia 888 claims to be the cellphone of the future. The device is so compact and ultra portable that you could bend it, mould it to any shape, you can even strap it like a wrist watch.

This new concept was designed for Nokia Benelux Design Awards by Tamer Nakisci. It runs on Liquid Batteries, Flexible Touch Screen and Speech Recognition technology. It can sense your touch and teach itself (artificial Intelligence). A personal mobile communication device which lets you be free and fun. It is light, simple and carefree. You can change its form according to your needs during the day. Best of all, it lets you send your form (shape) to other 888 users (Mould it in a shape of the heart and send to your girl friend  ).

It is targeted to the young consumers who are likely to be active and take place in a lot of different activities. Because they move and change place too much. They do a lot of different things during the day. So that’s what my design offers : to adjust to the moment, the place and the function.You dont have to carry it in your pocket or on your wrist. You can carry it anywhere, in anyform. You can roll it, bend it, put on your clothes like a clip. It also makes some form changes that makes it more ergonomical: i.e. when you want to talk on the phone, the body form turns into the form of the good old telephone. You can personalize these forms and record them. So it fits you the best in the way that you have chosen. The functions that it has also create a feeling of electronical pet, as it senses your moves, understand what you want, respond you in the best way. It learns you, to fit you better.Also e-motions lets you send forms to the other 888 users. It could be the shape of a heart or a small dance. This way you can talk without words.




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This phone has only appeared on the drawing board till now, so it might take few more years before its available to consumers. So now come back to present from future and lets see what is the best deal available nowadays.

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